TIG Training (GTAW)

TIG (GTAW – Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) Class Prices:
aluminum available upon request – customer must have equipment for this material.

Single Student
CS  – Carbon Steel              $600
SS  – Stainless Steel            $700

2-4 Students
CS – Carbon Steel             $900
SS – Stainless Steel           $1000

Equipment rental for class:
Day of the event   –
$150 for HTP     $250 for Pro Spot
5 Day rentals –    $500 for HTP     $700 for Pro Spot

(unfortunately, we do not rent aluminum TIG welders
with AC high frequency at this moment.)

Materials for Class: (class)
If using our equipment there is an additional fee for the welder selected and used for class. Consumables: wire/electrodes/tungsten and contact tips are included. Base Metal will be supplied for class at additional charge. If you are supplying material for class, you must include the make and model of welder we will be using for class, identify what metal type and thickness, and supply tungsten and electrode/wire if it is an alloy.

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