Pro Spot SP-2 MIG Welder Rental

OEM approvals:
ProSpot SP-2 has 200 amps – Pulsed – Synergic.  Great for I-CAR Welder Certifications!

  sp-2   Pro Spot SP-2 Rental Includes:
Free delivery, installation, product demonstration!
Flow-meter, plug, & extra contact tips.
– We rent Aluminum & Silica Bronze Wire too!
(see delivery terms below)

Pro Spot SP-2
rental rates
2 day        $450
5 day        $650
2 week     $1200
1 month   $2400  (Plus Tax) 

Rent our welding wire too!  Only $50  for duration of rental
(CUSI .9mm or ER 5554 1.2mm)

DELIVERY:   Free Delivery !  – Within a 40 mile radius of Joliet, IL with a maximum delivery range of 300 miles from Joliet, IL.  Between 41 and 300 miles there is a $80 delivery fee and a charge of .80 cents/mile to the location.

  • Rentals and sales DO NOT include Shielding Gas – You must supply your own.
  • Gasses must be at the location at the time of delivery
    – in order to install & test equipment before use.
  • 60cf or 80cf or 125cf tanks only!
  • 100% AR – Argon for Aluminum and Silica Bronze BRZ welding
  • 75/25 AR/CO2 – Argon & Carbon Dioxide for FE (ferrous) Steel Welding
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