Try Before You Buy

Want to try out the latest technology in MIG Welding? Need an Aluminum MIG welder, but not sure what to invest your money into?  Try our machines, before you spend all that money on only seeing one option.  Our “Try Before You Buy” program, can help you make a decision with a product that will be right for your shop and your wallet.

Try our:

  • GYS Auto Pulse 320 T-3
  • Pro Spot SP-2
  • Cebora Sound MIG 2060
    or our
  • HTP Pro Pulse 200

– All of our machines are single phase 208-240v, 200 amps, pulse, & synergic.
-Great for Aluminum, Steel, or Silicon Bronze MIG welding.
-All welders listed have Auto manufacturers, OEM and/or  I-CAR approvals

For $200 a Black Cat Field Technician will bring 3 machines of your choice to demonstrate to your company for approx 3 hours.
Choices are:
GYS Auto Pulse 320 T-3, Pro Spot SP-2, CEBORA Sound MIG 2060,
or an HTP Pro Pulse 200
Comes with:
– All welder consumables  – Tips, plug, flow meter & hoses.
– MIG Wire for Steel, Silicon Bronze, & Aluminum for in shop demonstrations.
-This program does NOT include shielding gas, you must supply your own
(75/25% for steel, and 100% argon for silicon bronze and Aluminum.)

  • If you decide to buy we will give you a $200 credit towards your purchase.
  • There is also discount on rentals offered, after the end of the demonstration.
  • If you are still not sure and want to spend some time with one of the welders,  keep one of the welders after the demonstration for 2 days for only $250 – MUST RENT from the day of Try Before You buy DEMO.
  • Aluminum or Silicon Bronze MIG Wire rental discount of $25 each spool.
  • If you do the “Try before you buy program” and the “two day rental”, Black Cat Welder Rentals & Training will offer $300 towards the purchase of a welder.

FREE Delivery within 40 miles to Joliet IL
$80 Delivery fee for distances beyond 41 miles from Joliet IL:
plus mileage to location @ $0.80 cents a mile.

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