HTP Pro Pulse 200 MIG Welder

HTP Pro Pulse 200


Includes:  (3 year manufacturer warranty)

  • Cart
  • Gun for Steel & BRZ w/ drive roll
  • Gun for AL w/ drive roll
  • consumables kit for steel/brz
  • consumables kit for AL
  • electrical plug 208v/220v
  • flow meter with hoses
  • installation & product demonstration

HTP  Pro Pulse  200, a synergic, pulsed, multi-process IGBT Inverter MIG welder. 
The Pro Pulse 200 offers a manual mode, as well as 21 synergic programs—both with and without pulse—giving you the advantage of a virtually spatter free weld! Parameter selection on pulsed process MIG welders can be complex, but the Pro Pulse 200 features synergic technology, making parameter selection more intuitive and automatic. In fact, the Pro Pulse 200, with its three-step process, makes setup a breeze and gets you welding in minutes—simply select your process, wire diameter, and material thickness during automated setup. The 8 square inch, LCD display featured on the Pro Pulse 200 adds to setup simplicity, enabling you to easily view and adjust your weld parameters.

The Pro Pulse 200 also offers, as the first in its class, ST-arc. The ST-arc function reads welding parameters back to the welding machine live (while welding). The function monitors the arc length and keeps the arc length constant, while allowing the stick-out (contact tip to work distance) to vary. ST-arc, essentially, allows the new welder to focus on the location of the weld, as well as the travel speed, and also allows the experienced welder to keep a perfectly uniform weld bead and uniform heat input, which enables the welder to achieve good welds in tight corners—a feat that couldn’t be reached previously with conventional welding equipment.

The Pro Pulse 200 also allows you to set and store up to 30 different weld jobs, and with the Trigger Job function, you can apply three of the 30 different weld jobs to the welding gun trigger—simply depress the trigger to call up each job. Essentially, with the Pro Pulse 200, you get multiple, highly specialized MIG welders in one compact and light-weight package. And with the addition of a TIG welding torch and remote control, the versatile Pro Pulse 200 also functions as a lift-arc, DC TIG welder.

Here at HTP, we pre-programed the Pro Pulse 200 with 21 synergic programs (both pulse and non-pulse) and one classic, fully manual program, each geared for welding applications using either mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel, silicon bronze, or flux-cored wires.

To weld mild steel with solid wire, you can utilize the available spot and stitch options, but you can also use pulse. Pulse welding on mild steel gives you excellent penetration, due to an extremely hot spray arc, and also gives you perfect puddle control for both in- and out-of-position welding. Remarkably, the Pro Pulse 200, when used on clean material, provides a virtually spatter free weld—from start to finish—which results in a very smooth bead appearance, without the need for cleanup.

You can also weld aluminum with or without pulse. Our advanced, synergic programs and the Swiss-made wire feed mechanism featured on the Pro Pulse 200 enable you to feed aluminum wire with repeatable precision through our standard MIG gun. The ability to maintain a stable and smooth arc at 22 amps allows you to weld aluminum as thin as 1/32” (0.031”). Our pre-programmed Double Pulse program allows you to make “MIG like TIG” welds with the desired “stack of dimes” look. And for all welders who are in a hurry and never have time to preheat aluminum, the Pro Pulse 200 features a built in “hot start” function, which lets you set a predetermined amount of time that you weld at a hotter setting before switching back to your standard setting. We also incorporated a “crater fill” function for aluminum welding, which eliminates crater cracks in your welds. Since 4043 and 5356 aluminum alloy wires weld and feed differently, the Pro Pulse 200 comes set up with programs for both.

In addition to mild steel and aluminum, we also included programs that allow you to pulse weld stainless steel. Again, pulse welding stainless steel provides nearly spatter free welding. We also included the option to adjust the pre- and post-flow gas, as well as the slope down for MIG, which allows your stainless welds to turn out “like TIG”.

And for those who weld galvanized steel or sheet metal, we included a silicon bronze program that will allow you to weld silicon bronze wire with a pulsed spray arc. A pulsed spray arc enables you to weld galvanized steel or sheet metal without melting through the zinc coating or without distorting the sheet metal. < Lastly, we included gasless flux-cored programs, as well as gas shielded flux-cored programs for your structural welding and fabrication needs. A simple polarity reversal allows you to weld using flux-cored wire without shielding gas. You also want to reverse the polarity for TIG welding.

Every program set up in the Pro Pulse 200 shows you what wire and diameter to use, and which shielding gas to use, enabling you to achieve the perfect weld rather easily.

A light-weight design makes the Pro Pulse 200 the ideal MIG for use both in the workshop and on the jobsite, and the multi-process nature of the machine offers nearly endless possibilities when welding.

Maximum Output Amperage 200
Minimum Output Amperage 20
Maximum Recommended Thickness
*Single pass capacity varies depending on material being welding and settings of machine
1/4″ to 3/8″
Duty Cycle 35% @ 200A
100% @ 140A
Open Circuit Voltage 75
Electronic Overload Protection Yes
Cooling Air
Wire Spool Capability
*4” spool with spool adapter, up to 44 lb. weight capacity
*4”, 8”, and 12”
Wire Diameter
*Depends on material being welded (not all wire can be welded in all sizes)
.023” to .045”
Input Voltage 208—240V
Input Amperage 35
Frequency 50/60Hz
Wire Feed Rate (In./Min.) 7 to 630
Length x Width x Height
19-3/4” x 10” x 14-1/2”
*Without wire and cables
42 lbs


HTP Pro Pulse 200 additions:     $2550  (plus tax & shipping)

  • Welding Cart   $150 – included
  • Additional Welding Gun $150 –included
  • Includes:   2 hour setup & product demonstration.
  • TIG package $400 – optional
    TIG: torch, foot pedal, & consumables kit.
  • TIG individual items prices + taxes + shipping
    – $80 for consumables kit:  .040 – 1/8”
    – $140 for torch
    – $180 for foot pedal    
  • 2lbs or 8″ spool of CUSI .9mm (.035)  $60 – optional
  • 5lbs or 8″ spool of ER5554 1.2mm  (.045) $98 – optional


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